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Our Story Part 11 : Wedding Day

June 9, 2018

Part 11

Our Wedding Day

It was her last night as a single young lady! Stephanie was only a few hours away from her wedding day! The day definitely arrive before she even knew it considering that their engagement was only a four month engagement! So she did something that she knew she would only be able to do one last time! She slept had one last girls night with her sister and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking about every embarrassing story that came to mind. Reminiscing on every childhood memory. The good ones and the bad ones! Every moment that lead up to this moment. Anything to help the time go by faster! She just could not wait to be Mrs. Hendrick!

Meanwhile on the other side of town Landon was at his Dad’s house. Packing last few items from his Dad’s house and realizing that after the next day he would be off to a new home. A home that he would be responsible for! A home where him and his wife would begin their life together. He was all grown up. Twenty years old but all grown up. A mixture of excitement and nerves kept his mind occupied. Imagining what his life would be like. Laying in bed thinking about this. Imagining his happily ever after, he fell asleep.

The sun finally rose. It was August 3, 2011 and it was finally wedding day! Stephanie woke up after a 45 minute nap and jumped in the shower. She was ready to get dolled up and marry her man. The entire morning is a blur for her. She just wanted to to the altar already. Back at his dad’s house, Landon woke up and began to gather his things to head out to the venue. As he sat in the car on the way there his father looked over at him and told him words that he will always remember for the rest of his life.

“You did good! I’m proud of you! Proud of who you’ve become and all you have yet to accomplish. You are a good son and you are going to be a good husband”

The ride to the venue felt like forever! Those thirty minutes felt like three hours! But they finally arrived. Before he knew it he was standing at the altar waiting for the love of his life to walk down the aisle. As he guest were seated Stephanie finally arrived. There stood her Uncle waiting for her to walk down the aisle. He looked over at her and told her she looked beautiful. Told her he was very proud of the woman she has grown into and how honored he was to be able to walk her down the aisle.

The music began. It was time. Everyone was seated. Stephanie could peek through the window in the french doors and see her honey bunny there at the altar. Her grandmother and mother sitting in the front anticipating the opening of the doors. The coordinator gave the Q. Stephanie took a deep breath and didn’t even realize how big she was smiling. The excitement had completely taken over her nerves. The doors opened.  Jessica Simpson first verse of ” I want to  love you forever” starts . Stephanie took her first step. She immediately locked eyes with Landon. With a smile that went from ear to ear she kept looking at him from the very first step up until she reached he altar and joined hands with him. Landon could not stop looking at her. He didn’t say anything. He was speechless. There stood his best friend. And in a matter of minutes she was going to be his wife. HIS WIFE! So surreal!

There they stood. At the altar. With all their family there witnessing a love story that would make an impact in their lives forever. They held hands. Stephanie’s hands started shaking. She opened her mouth and instantly, with a frog in her throat, she began to speak. To promise to love him through thick and thin. To support him in all his dreams and goals. To honor and respect him. Tears rolled down her eyes . Landon stood there with watery eyes looking into her eyes know that she meant every word with every cell in her body. With endearment. Feeling more proud than ever to start this new chapter with her.

” I now pronounce you husband and wife. Landon you may kiss your bride…

I introduce to you Mr. + Mrs. Hendrick “

Photo by Guest at our wedding

The first day of their forever…

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