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Our Story Part 10: The Proposal

May 15, 2018

Part 10

The Proposal

One year was more than enough for Stephanie to do long distance! Transferring to UCF wasn’t an option since she would loose credit for all the classes she had already taken. So she made the bold decision to do school long distance instead of her relationship. So that very next fall she moved back to Orlando. She arranged for her all six of her classes to take place two days a week. One those two days she would wake up at 5:00am. Get ready and be on her way to make it to USF for her first class at 8:00am. She’d get home at 11:00pm from school exhausted basically dragging herself out of the car and into her house. Yet she rather do that than do long distance relationship for one more minute.

Everything was back on track. They were stronger than ever. Landon and Stephanie had never been party animals. Despite what many think because they are so extroverted. They spent their time fishing, at the beach and on rainy days they would just stroll around the mall. One rainy day they went to Fashion Square Mall for lunch. They had parked by Macy’s so they had to walk through there on the way out. As they were leaving they passed by the jewelry section like they had so many times before. With no intention other than to just look over, they glanced over the counter and saw the engagement rings.

The conversation had been had so many times. Marriage was definitely something that they knew that they wanted and they wanted it with each other. Landon asked the lady at the counter to let Stephanie try on a ring. Stephanie was caught off guard. Yes they had discussed marriage and were both on the same page that it was going to happen but they went to the mall for Tacos not for an engagement ring. All of a sudden she was so happy they went to the mall for Tacos that day! More happy than all the other times! Landon told her to tell him which ring she liked. Rookie move, is what you must be thinking. But Stephanie knew that they were twenty. Not yet set in their careers. On the Roman Noodle college budget. So she looked at him and said

“What can we buy cash right now and be engaged right now. I don’t want you to have to save for a ring. That means I have to wait longer to be your wife”

Landon looked in his account and then looked at her, embarrassed and said “$600”. He thought it wasn’t enough. He thought that she would be disappointed. Stephanie looked at the lady over the counter and said

“Great get us engaged for $600 please”

Stephanie looked at Landon and said  “I know if you had a million you’d spend it on me, but I don’t need that. I don’t want that! I just want to start our lives together. That means more to me than the size of a ring or the price tag on it”.The Macy’s lady worked her magic and for a total of $598 she handed over all three rings. And just like that they were engaged!  When they got in the car, Stephanie looked over and said “Well that was one heck of a lunch” . Now it was time to share the news with the world.


To be continued…

Photo by Katie Rosado

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