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Casa Feliz Historic Home Engagement : Chris + Renee

May 26, 2018

The weather finally gave us a break to spend a sunset with one special birthday girl and her soon to be hubby at Casa Feliz ! The first time we ever learned of Chris and Renee’s story we were on our way home from a wedding. Landon was driving and I was glued to my phone reading their email. Their sweet sweet story!  These cuties had met in college and became great friends. After that one computer class ended they went their separate ways until two years later. They reconnected through a mutual friend and the rest … well we’re sharing their engagement session so what do you think happened?

This past Christmas, Chris and Renee decided to go to New York and live it up on the skating ring at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. So off they went! The night had finally arrived. The night that Chris has so perfectly plan. After some bar hopping and window shopping on Saks 5th Avenue they were off to the skating ring. They skated for an hour. They skated until their toes and fingers were on the verge of frost bite. Chris told Renee he wanted to get a picture of the 2 of them in front of the tree as everyone was being cleared off the ice for the next group ice skating session. So he handed her phone to one of the ice skating attendants for her to take our picture. Once she had the phone she started yelling at all of the other ice skaters to get off of the ice and running around the rink. It was just the two of them in the middle of the rink. The Ed Sheeran song “Perfect” began to play on the loud speaker.

She realized what was happening. She couldn’t believe it but she knew exactly what was happening. When Renee looked at Chris, he began saying all of these nice things to Renee and the crowd watching them began cheering. He successfully gets down on one knee and asks Renee

” Will you marry me?”

Chris and Renee, spending the evening with you two together. Watching you guys together. Looking at each other. Smiling at each other. Going goo goo ga ga over each other was the best way to spend a rainless evening in the middle of rain season. And as much as I enjoyed spending your birthday with you , we are going to LOVE spending your wedding day with you! Here is just a handful of our favorite  moments for your engagement session.

Casa Feliz Historic Home Engagement

Chris + Renee

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