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How to use Dubsado as a photographer

March 16, 2017

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting a free webinar for photographers on how to use Dubsado! If you don’t know what Dubsado is and you are a creative, then you have been spending your time working harder not smarter! Dubsado is an amazing client management program that in just the last 5 months has completely changed how we run our business. Join us on April 7th @ 9AM PST/ 12PM EST we will be hosting a webinar to teach How to use Dubsado as a photographer

Why are we doing this? A top priority in our business is our clients experience and of course running our business efficiently. Our first year in business, we only had three weddings. Managing the back and forth emails and our workflow was rather simple…we only had the clients…we could handle that easy peasy. After the first year we went from three weddings to 25 weddings a year. Although we were able to maintain a consistent experience it definitely became harder and very overwhelming to do so. We all of a sudden found ourselves doing more office work, emails and calendar updates rather than doing what we love most which was interacting with clients in person and being behind the camera. We legit had about 4 different apps to try to manage all of our reminders and deadlines. It was so much work and being a stay at home mom with two little nuggets, homeschooling and running a business was starting to take a toll on me. Thats where Dubsado came in and saved the day!

Join the FREE webinar to see:

  • How we use Dubsado to create a consistent client photography experience
  • Increase productivity with Dubsado
  • Create a workflow that gives you more time behind the camera and less time behind a screen
  • Run more than one branch of your business at a time efficiently
  • I’ll take you through our workflow from beginning to end for a bride
  • Make yourself and your brand stand out
  • Q+A  ask me anything

We will also be doing a SWEET GIVEAWAY for one lucky winner who attends!

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