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Why I Love Bridal Boudoir Sessions

October 4, 2017

As a woman I know the struggle with your own body image! This is why I love bridal boudoir sessions. A boudoir session can open the doors to a flood of many different emotions. Some of our brides feel intimidated and terrified while others feel empowered and confident. Regardless of the range of emotions you may feel we recommend every woman do a boudoir session and embrace her God given beauty.

You are engaged and this is a once in a lifetime sweet moment. You are about to marry the man that you are going to grow old with and create new memories with. This romantic keepsake is something you will both be happy to have and able to enjoy for years to come. So should YOU do a boudoir session? Lets talk about it!

Lets be real, I’m not a size zero, nor have I ever been! Growing up I was overweight and always self conscious about my body. I hated looking in the mirror. I developed early so I already had uninvited attention to my chest area at the age of NINE!!! Every time that a friend or family member would see me they would comment on how large my breast were for my age. I built a complex and became ashamed of my body. Ashamed of my curves. Today I stand with two beautiful little girls and embrace every curve and every stretchmark.

The internet is full of images of “perfect” women and set a tone for how you should look. Its so hard to look at that and not feel less than beautiful. This is why I chose to do a boudoir session and to really embrace how beautiful it is to be a woman, I did it while I was expecting our first baby! I was 7 months pregnant and boy did I have curves lol! I look back at these images and I feel, empowered, sexy, invincible, beautiful, all that and a bag of chips!!!

I only wish I could go back in time and put my insecurities aside and do one before our wedding. Sure it is a great gift for your husband, but I would do it for me. I would do it for the confidence boost that I see every single woman I photograph walk out of the studio with. I would do it to see myself in a different light. 

why I love bridal boudoir sessions


1.Who shoots the boudoir session?

Although Landon and I are a husband and wife team, boudoir sessions are my baby! I love empowering women to love themselves and see the beauty in themselves which I will capture through my lens.

2. How would you describe your style?

I shoot all boudoir sessions in natural light. I would describe my boudoir work as classic, elegant and timeless! I am inspired by the woman’s body and the way it moves.

3. Will you share my images all over the internet?

ABSOLUTELY NOT !  While I love it when ladies choose to share their images. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me, so we’ll never share anything you aren’t comfortable with. 

4. How long do I have to wait for my images?

I want to get these to you as bad as you want to see them!!! Our turn around time for boudoir sessions is 2 weeks. You will receive an email with your private online gallery where you will be able to download the images in high resolution directly to your mobile device or computer. Although not required, we recommend that you order any prints from our professional printing labs. The extra TLC is evident in the colors and quality of the product.  With that said you will have a print release form should you choose to print elsewhere.

To book your boudoir session email us at info@thehendricksphoto.com

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