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Cypress Grove Estate House Wedding : Frankie + Sayhe

September 20, 2016

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its learning to dance in the rain! And let me just say that we all danced in the rain for Frankie and Sayhe’s wedding. After these lovebirds engagement session we were anxiously waiting to document their wedding at Cypress Grove Estate House. We were so smitten with their beautiful energy and undeniable chemistry that they left us begging for more. The day had finally arrived and as we captured all the lovely elegant details of their gold/ivory garden wedding, Sayhe remained calm preparing with her wonderful bridesmaids. Meanwhile just 100 feet away stood Frankie with his stud groomsmen getting ready and anxiously counting down the minutes where he would see his breathtaking bride.

Once the ceremony began , it was time! Time for the moment we had all been waiting for all day. For a moment there I think we felt more nervous than him, if thats even possible. The processionals started and everyone was in position waiting for the doors to open and for Sayhe to come out but mother nature thought she would have some fun and make Frankie wait a few more minutes. As the rain came pouring down moments before Sayhe made her entrance it was clear that we were all willing to get wet for this couple. It was like a kiss me in the middle of the rain, The Notebook moment. The rain was not stopping these two from saying their I Do’s. After a little shuffle in the rain it was finally time for Frankie to see his bride and boy, I gotta tell you it was epic. It was so magical! When the umbrella made way for his beautiful bride, the way he had to catch his breath was so touching. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones that wanted to screech and cry at the same time from the excitement.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife”. With the seal of a kiss it was official. They had literally survived their first storm as husband and wife. Congrats to Frankie and Sayhe! We loved being with their families and hearing all the wonderful stories about them both. They are surrounded by so many people that love them and that will surely be their to support them on this chapter in their life. All that love in the air made us want to dance the night away with them all. Literally, Sayhe’s uncle actually pulled me on the dance floor and made me dance to the awesome Marc Anthony, not to mention he didn’t mind that I had two left feet, before embracing us with so much love before we left. Their wedding was by far our favorite thing we have ever done during a storm.

The first day of their forever!


What an amazing creative team we were honored to work with in their special day

Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House

Coordinator: Shadow Anderson from RW Events

Hair/Makeup: Prive Salon

DJ: Dave with Celebrations24

Wedding Cake: Publix

Videography: Jarden Bowser

Photography: Landon Hendrick Photography

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