Landon and I are high school sweethearts! Our friends say we were crazy and they are right, we were crazy in love which is why we got married at 20! Its been an amazing adventure being married to my best friend. Our life took an unexpected turn when we picked up a camera and became obsessed. It definitely wasn’t what we thought we would end up doing considering that I was in law school and Landon was settled into his career at a body shop. Eventually our photography hobby turned into a business. We had the crazy idea to become wedding photographers because we didn’t have a photographer for our wedding. Biggest regret in our life. When we look at our daughters and try to describe the best day of our lives , and realize its not enough. This is why we have such a soft spot for weddings and our couples love stories. We are blessed to have couples share their most intimate moments with us and we make every effort to capture it all. 

Landon + Stephanie


photo by: Kati Rosado


Whenever we aren't photographing weddings you can find us outdoors with our daughters, I say spoiling, Stephanie says bribing, with some ice-cream followed by fishing. We love that our job allows us to spend more time together. 

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a few of our


Although we would love to have a six pack and quads for days, we love sweets more. I'm sure you can relate :-)
It doesn't help that we love to bake as a family and eat cookie batter. Some of our favorite sweets are DONUTS, chocolate chip cookies, and cheesecake....just incase you need ideas for how to butter us up.



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When it comes to finding good lighting, taking creamy images, and the technical stuff, I'm your guy. Regardless of where you are getting married I know how to take great images because I learned early on that lighting is the most important thing. I learned how to create light in places that there was no light because of my newborn photography experience in the beginning of my career. I'm guilty of saying "One more shot" about 20 times in a day, but trust me you'll love every single one of them. My favorite part of a wedding is the father daughter dance, just because I can't help but envision myself dancing with my daughters at their wedding. I'm very creative, which comes in handy, on wedding days, when its crucial to be able to think on your feet and have a solution for the unexpected. I'm just a guy with a serving heart who loves being a husband, father, and uses a camera to snap moments in life that you can't get back.


"The lighting king " Photographer + Editor

photo by: Kati Rosado

When it comes to emails, contracts, timelines, I am your girl! I'm a bit of a Type A personality which works in your favor because I'm prompt and efficient with responding to your emails and creating some pretty amazing timelines if I do say so myself. Taco Bell is my jam, especially the breakfast scrambler burrito which I eat before every wedding. Fuels me up. I'm the perfect balance of loud and professional which is why I will be the one to direct family formals. I like to think of myself as a city girl with a southern belles soul. My favorite part of a wedding is the first look between the bride and groom. It is just such a sweet intimate moment and the reactions always melt my heart. I'm super organized and I have to be because I homeschool our daughters and run the business, AND I need to make sure I can schedule time for my reality shows. Guilty as charged, its such trash but what can I say, its entertaining. 


"The Brains" Photographer 

photo by: Kati Rosado

As if we don't have our hands full already we decided to homeschool our nuggets. This wouldn't be possible if we didn't have our own business. Our girls thank you in advance for making it possible for their mommy and daddy to be present in their life. They are the reason why we do what we do! Don't let the homeschooling fool you! These two are all sass, adventurous and keep us in shape.  Together we love to have tea parties., bake and take random trips to Disney in the middle of the day! Did I mention that they have us wrapped around their little finger! 
Together we are The Hendricks !

sassy, funny, adventurous

kylie + kayla

our daughters

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