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Heaven Event Venue : Daniel + Raven

October 27, 2017

It was a heavenly event indeed. Everyone gathered at The Heaven Event Venue  to witness two best friends get married, Daniel + Raven. Moments before the the ceremony. While guest were being seated. The butterflies were starting to have a voice of their own. The nerves were so real. In a secluded place. With no one around. Away from the guest. Away from the distractions. Daniel stood. Waiting for the first look. Holding his hands. Taking deep breaths. In a few moments he was going to see his bride. This was it. Behind him, he could hear the dress drag on the floor. Her heals click on the cement. Her nervous/ excited laugh in the air get closer and closer. He closed his eyes and turned around. In that moment he was vulnerable. He was humbled. He was in awe of his bride. Raven hadn’t seen Daniel cry ever. Only when he spoke of his passed father. As a tear rolled down his face, Raven began to comfort him. They shared that moment together. They cried together. They laughed together. It was an unspoken, this is it! It’s just you and me! He pulled her in and gave her a hug. They took one last breath together and said see you in a few. I love you!

The day had finally arrived. The boy Raven met in high school was standing at the altar, waiting for her. Now a man. In front of her friends and family, ready to honor her. Take her as his wife. The boy she friend zoned. The boy who had become her best friend. They boy who declared his love to her senior college in year with a mixtape, was standing there with a smile on his face ready to be her best friend for life. Her protector. Her husband. After an exchange of vows. A kiss. They were husband and wife. But it was the high five after the kiss, before they danced down the aisle, that truly showed that they were indeed best friends. It shed light on their relationship. They were indeed partners. Each others favorite person. It gave a glimpse into the type of marriage that they will have. The adventures that lie ahead.

Daniel and Raven, thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your day. Being around you guys was such breath of fresh air. The friendship you guys have. The love you guys share. The “there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for this person” attitude you guys have is just beautiful. You never had to say those words for us to know thats how you feel. I mean, he put two whole dance routines on for you Raven, lol. Your hand shakes are epic and Landon and I now think we need to come up with our own 🙂 . Thank you so much for allowing us to capture the first day of your forever. Thank you for being an example to the world on how a relationship should look. You guys are amazing. Caring. Selfless. Humble people. And our life is better because you guys are now a part of it! Here are some of our favorite moments from your day!


The amazing Creative Team
Venue Heaven Event Venue
Planner: Pearl White Events
Florals: Ruffled Roses
Cake: Duchess Of Delights
DJ: DJ Spinfamous
Linens: Connie Duglin Specialty Linen
Hair: Hair by Chelsea Styrk
Videography: Maiography
Photography: The Hendricks

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