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Lake Louisa State Park : DJ + Katherine

January 27, 2018

When you are at the right place at the right time… You find yourself a husband! Katherine had taken some time off of work to deal with one of the most difficult things that she had ever had to go through in her life. The loss of her mom. After almost a month off work,  it was time to go back to work. Katherine was chatting with a coworker by the entrance and the door flung open behind her! The door didn’t hit her, but she shouted, “Ouch!!!” just to tease the person rushing past.  When she turned around… THE MOST AMAZING MAN was standing there. There he was . Tall. Handsome. Charming. And very apologetic.

He said, “I’m so sorry Miss Lady. Are you okay?” That Southern hospitality had her “uhhh uhhh uhhh”. Just left her without words. Her jaw probably noticeably dropped and she  barely got an “Uh-huh” out. Katherine found out that at the time he had a girlfriend. Anyway, she crushed on him from a distance for a few reasons. One, he was in a relationship and two, she wasn’t in an emotional place to begin dating yet. Katherine intentionally avoided him. Mainly because every time she ran into him.. she realized he was more and more perfect. Kind, friendly, handsome, strong, smart, funny.. the list kept growing.

About a year later went on a trip. After taking some much needed time off, it was time to go back to work. Her first day back she hears across the building “KATHERINE!! YOU’RE BACK!! I MISSED YOU!!” Katherine thought to herself “Heart be still he knows me.. and he missed me!” Her plan to stop thinking about him failed. An inevitable friendship evolved. She then found out that he had broken up with his girlfriend months ago and now there was nothing there to hold her back, YAS. Soon after, DJ asked Katherine out on their first date. And the rest is history!

DJ and Katherine you guys are just the sweetest, cutest, couple we ever did see. We love how both of your eyes seem to have a permanent sparkle whenever you are around each other or talking about each other. The type of sparkle that you see in these chick flicks. We are so excited for you guys and cannot wait to see that sparkle on your wedding day!!! Here are just a few of our favorite moments from your little love/sparkle/cloud nine session!!!

Lake Louisa State Park

DJ + Katherine

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