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Lake Louisa State Park : Nelson + Sarra

January 17, 2018

Spending the day with Nelson and Sarra at Lake Louisa State park for their engagement session was the perfect way to spend a Friday. Sarra first met Nelson at a party. She was new to FSU and it was her first party ever.  She was very nervous and was sitting at a table by herself. A stranger walked up to her and  introduced her to their friends. One of the people that he introduced her to was Nelson.

When Sarra saw him she was immediately attracted to him. He was tall, great smile, but he didn’t talk to her at all. Nothing much evolved from their introduction at that party except that Sarra  became good friends with that group of people. Fast forward a little but to a future party. Sarra went with her friends. One of them was friends with Nelson and he was in town for the weekend so he came to the party too. At that party!  Nelson and Sarra began to talk. Neither ever remembered that they had already met once at that initial party.

Nelson was also from UF. Sarra was from FSU so they  had a little rivalry going on. She wasn’t really sure how she felt but the next day the whole group, including Nelson, decided to go to the beach. It was there that sparks flew. They were the only ones that wanted to go in the water because there were a bunch of jellyfish around. After that day, Nelson started driving up from Gainesville almost every weekend to hang out and they have been together ever since.

Now it was time. Nelson knew that Sarra was the one and took the step to buying the ring. Now he just needed to propose to her. He knew that he needed to be special. He took her to the beach where it all began.  Nelson gets major brownie points for being able to capture the proposal by himself without dropping any hints that he proposal was coming.  Nelson said he wanted a full body shot and set the phone on the ground for a timer shot. He actually hit the record button. While Sarra stood there waiting for the picture to capture, Nelson pulled the ring out and looked at Sarra and proposed. Sarra was completely caught off guard and of course said yes!!! We couldn’t be more excited even if we tried to capture their wedding this Spring at The Royal Crest Room !

Lake Louisa State Park

Nelson + Sarra


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