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A Pandemic Love Story: Chris + Jenny

April 1, 2020

Boy, do we have a pandemic love story for you guys today! Todays newlyweds have shown us that nothing can keep God’s plan from unfolding. There’s evidence proving just that in Chris and Jenny’s entire relationship. From their meeting in college to there extended periods of a long distance, bicoastal relationship. Becoming one under Christ could not even be stopped by a worldwide pandemic.

Our country is facing one of the hardest times this generation has ever experienced. A unknown health, emotional and economic future. Not the ideal atmosphere to plan a wedding. But Chris and Jenny were two weeks away from their wedding. How could this be happening?

They Almost Didn’t Make it to Florida

California issued executive orders placing citizens under lockdown just days before Chris and Jenny were scheduled to leave California to join their friends and family for what would be the biggest celebration of their lives. As a result, they mentally prepared to drive back to Florida if they had to. It was only a matter of time before the airports shut down. Thankfully Chris and Jenny were able to change their flights and make it to their wedding destination safe and sound right before executive orders were issued.

They finally arrived to their homes here in Florida! First things first, Chris and Jenny made an appointment to go and obtain their marriage license. A little inkling came over the lovebirds to just go and wait in line and get their marriage license vs waiting for their appointment. So they did! They got their license and two days later they received communication from the courthouse that all marriage licenses and courthouse ceremonies were being suspended until further notice. Look at GOD!!!

No Other Choice but to POSTPONE

The decision was finally made by the sweet couple to postpone their wedding. But the desire to get married still fueled them! A fire that just couldn’t be put out. They knew that they didn’t want to spend one more moment as fiances and they were ready to become husband and wife!

It was God’s plan for Chris and Jenny to meet. Just like it was in God’s plan for them to become husband and wife. They made plans and envisioned their day! They were excited for those plans to unfold. But sometimes a pandemic happens. Maybe it wasn’t part of the plans they made. We can guarantee it wasn’t part of the plans they made. They planned on a day with everyone who’s supported their relationship to be present to celebrate their marriage. Their union. Two becoming one under Christ. But the pandemic. No, I can put my life on it, that that was never a blip on their radar when they began planning their wedding.

Thankfully it WAS always God’s plan for Chris and Jenny to be husband and wife. Their desire to enjoy one of God’s greatest blessings, one that was promised to them, their marriage!

They made the difficult decision of postponing their wedding, but absolutely nothing was going to stop them from becoming Mr. and Mrs. Revell. With a marriage license on hand and their parents standing behind them, they exchanged vows and sealed them with a kiss!

Hidden Blessings of this Pandemic Love Story

We truly believe the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for them. It allowed them to take in every spiritual moment that comes from becoming husband and wife that can sometimes be clouded by the distractions and details of a day. It allowed them to find joy in the simple things! It made them realize more than ever what a blessing marriage is. Nothing like not being able to marry the man God molded just for you, to make you understand what a real gift you are to each other.

This pandemic allowed their friends to have the opportunity to show them how much they love and support them. The day of Chris and Jenny’s ceremony, their friends back home in California under quarantine, dressed up in their best suits and dresses and recorded toasts to the couple and celebrating with some jams from a far. Above all, they were not going to let the thousands of miles between them stop them from celebrating their beautiful love story. We are so excited to meet every one later this summer when all this is over and we get to be a part and capture the biggest celebration for this pandemic love story!

Until Next Time

Chris and Jenny, it was an honor to capture God’s plan. We pray many blessings over you both and your marriage! We pray that God continues to be your North Star and that he remains at the center of your relationship. Because we KNOW that so long as that remains the case, God’s plan for you both will continue to unfold! Love you guys both and we feel blessed to have been able to serve you . Blessed to have met your immediate families. Lastly, we feel blessed to be a witness to your love story, which we know will be one of those legacies that doesn’t just impact your children and your future generations but it will be one that inspires and impacts strangers.

Chris + Jenny

A Pandemic Love Story

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