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Belle Isle Estate Wedding | Jeremy + Brianna

October 31, 2019

Do we have such a special treat for you guys today! It was a treat for everyone who got to share the day with Jeremy and Briana and now you get to be filled in too. If you follow along on the blog, you may remember Jeremy and Brianna’s engagement . It was cause for great celebration being that it was a relationship that took its time to grow according to the will of God. This was an engagement that not only Jeremy was looking forward to, but also everyone that has been present to watch this relationship flourish over the last 11 years.

Jeremy and Brianna, hold a very dear place in our hearts. Not because they are sweet and kind and God loving individuals but because of the nature of their relationship. One thing that is evident, is the presence of God in their relationship. God had told Jeremy that Brianna would be his future wife, one worth pursuing and waiting for, and that he did. After multiple missions trips, prayers, and growing in Christ individually and then together they have finally become Mr and Mrs Edwards.

Their relationship is a true testimony to what God wants us to experience. One of the sweetest moments for us was when Jeremy opened his gift from Brianna. Aside from a super cool watch, she gifted him a journal. A journal that she kept from 2011 throughout their relationship about their relationship, and her prayers for their relationship and future marriage!

Being a Florida wedding in the rainy season, we dealt with the threat of rain all day. The sun showed off for us throughout the day as we enjoyed special moments like the first look and hanging out with the bridal party. By ceremony time the clouds started rolling in and boy did they look heavy. I could feel everyone praying,

“Please don’t rain, not yet, just a few more minutes”

We felt a sprinkle start up and, I kid you not, as the drizzle started halfway through the ceremony, Brianna looks up at the sky to what seemed like a quick little prayer. Whatever she said to God worked because those clouds split right in the middle and went around the ceremony spot. It was incredible to witness it. We probably sound crazy to you but we totally feel like it was God just shoving the clouds off to the side! After some poetic vows, the announcement of husband and wife was sealed with a kiss! And then right afterwards, it poured with a vengeance.

Jeremy and Brianna, every couple that we meet impacts us in some way. Every couple changes our lives just a tad bit. But you guys, we will share your love story ,along with ours, to our daughters for years to come. Your obedience to God is the fruit of your faith. And your marriage will be the fruit of your obedience. We pray that God continues to keep you both and your families in his favor. And to your parents, Tim, Marie, and Maria, your children are the fruit of your commitment, love, obedience and desire to please God. You did an amazing job raising God fearing individuals and we hope you don’t mind if we grab some pointers from you guys. After all it takes a village ;-).

Here are some highlights of our favorite moments of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards first day as husband and wife!!

Creative Team

Venue: Private Estate

Wedding Coordinator: Ashley Landers

Florals: Orlando Flower Market | Cake: Sofelle Cake Aristry | Cupcakes: Sweet By Holly | Hair + Makeup : Kristy’s Artistry Design Team | Catering: Cisco’s Catering | DJ: Blue Blazers Entertainment | Bridal Gown: One & Only Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie | Transportation: Regal Boats | Video: Pine Castle Films | Photography : The Hendricks

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