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Historic Dubsdread Ballroom Wedding | CJ + Madison

October 30, 2019

We had been looking forward to CJ and Madison’s wedding at the Historic Dubsdread Ballroom ever since their engagement session in the summer. We may be a little biased because they are high school sweethearts too. Maybe its the fact that they took us to where they had their first kiss when they started dating. It could also be all the text messages between Madison and I leading up to her wedding. We spent so many messages planning for this day that we were just excited and ready for it to happen for CJ and Madison.

Whenever we hear Madison talk about CJ her eyes light up and its so obvious that she loves hard and isn’t afraid to show the world and CJ how much she loves him. After spending the day with her family, we can totally see where she’s learned to love so hard from. Everyone was there that day to celebrate and love CJ and Madison. Their parents, their friends, and the rest of their family were all there to serve them and help make their day special!

The day was filled with so many favorites moments. So many that even though we are really tempted to share like ten of them, for the sake of allowing you to be able to see the highlights of their day we will keep it to one.

Madison told us she was a daddy’s girl so we of course suggested she do a first look with her daddy. David, the father of the bride, had spent the days leading up to the wedding preparing the dock behind their home for their first look. The place where he was going to see his little girl, his fishing buddy, all dressed up in her beautiful white princess gown. We knew within moments of meeting him, that he was anticipating this moment with all his heart. A lot of it had to do with the fact that he was dressed and ready over an hour ahead of schedule. Moments before the first look it started pouring. This wasn’t going to stop this daddy and daughter duo from having their moment.

There stood Madison’s dad at the end of the stairs and she made her way down the steps, David’s lip starts quivering. When David turned around, there stood his little girl. Flashbacks to every other time she made her way down those stairs before. The little girl that once called him Dada, there stood saying

“Hi Daddy”

Bless his heart, he couldn’t contain his emotion. As much as he tried to keep it together, he just embraces his daughter with the most heartfelt hug followed by tears. It’s obvious that their connection is one that is very special and one that will be entering a new season. A connection like the one that they have is one that will never fade no matter how much distance is in between them.

CJ and Madison, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your day! One of the things that we love about you was your positive attitude. With mother nature sprinkling us with showers every five minutes on your wedding day, you never once showed any frustration and didn’t let it affect the fact that rain or shine you two were going to be Mr. and Mrs. Wagner and so long as that happened it was a perfect day! You are both kind, generous, considerate, humble, loving people.

My sweet Madison, I just want to let you know that when Landon got in the car after your daddy daughter first look, he looks at me and says Madison is the sweetest most polite person I’ve ever met, I hope we instill that in our girls. I want to be more like her. Your kindness and appreciation for us being a part of your day didn’t go unnoticed and we are so thankful for couples like you guys that are as excited to have us be a part of your day as we are to be a part of it. We are so excited for you to experience marriage and all the beautiful blessings that come with it!

CJ + Madison

Historic Dubsdread Ballroom Wedding | Orlando, Fl.

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Venue: Historic Dubsdread Ballroom Wedding

Forals: Dream Designs Florist | Cake: Bakers Cottage | Gown: The Bridal Finery | Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie | Maid of Honor Dress: Adrianna Papell | Brides Shoes: Betsy Johnson| Earrings: Glamorous Bijoux | Brides Ring: Bay Hill Jewelers | Grooms Ring: Brilliant Earth | Grooms Attire: Suit Supply | Groomsmen Attire: The Black Tux | Video Magnafoto Videography | Photography: The Hendricks

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