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Celebration Fl Engagement | CJ + Madison

August 19, 2019

Well y’all its rain season and its in full beast mode here in the “Sunshine State”, Florida. Its a season that we enjoy long naps and crave Marvel movie binges with our girls and lots of popcorn. But not last weekend. Did it rain? Of course it did! But our sweet couple CJ and Madison made a trip to Orlando, Fl for their engagement session from DC. Now you already know we started rebuking the rain and were so excited to finally get to meet them in person.

Up until now, we had only had the opportunity to chat with CJ and Madison through emails and Facetime. They already won our hearts when they told us that they were high school sweethearts. I mean thats like just a guaranteed way to get our hearts beating faster! Something about high school sweethearts, maybe the fact that Landon and I share a similar love story and we see all the amazing adventures and blessings we’ve experienced together that just gets us so excited for what they have to come. Growing together and closer as the days go by. The sweetest love stories start with two young kids that fall head over heals for each other.

When CJ and Madison told us that they wanted to take it back to where it all became official, we were all over that idea like white on rice! Celebration Fl engagement session? Heck yeah! We spend the day joking around with these two and walking through the little town where CJ swept Madison off her feet. Y’ALL , we even went back to the very spot where they had their first kiss!

CJ and Madison, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Thank you for trusting us to tell your story. But most importantly for giving us the responsibility of creating your first family heirloom. The documenting of what will be a love legacy you leave for the generations to come! We absolutely cannot wait until your wedding day! But for now we will continue to swoon over some of our favorite moments from your engagement session!

CJ + Madison

Celebration Fl Engagement Session

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