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Domaine de la Tortiniere | Tours, France | Thomas + Kim

August 20, 2019

Have you ever experienced a fairytale in real life? If you haven’t well we are sharing today a Thomas and Kim’s fairytale wedding in one of the most beautiful, romantic places we have ever seen. Their story is one that you can expect to see in those epic romantic comedies and ends with an epic happily ever after!

One of our favorite moments from Thomas and Kim vow ceremony was, well, their vows. Thomas didn’t just go straight to a list of promises. He spent a good portion of his time during their vows, was spent thanking Kim. Thanking her for her unconditional love. Her partnership. Her support. Her drive. Her commitment. After listening to all the reasons he appreciated her, we wanted to marry her too lol!

To know Thomas and Kim is to love them. Kim you just want to hug her! And Thomas, well try not to laugh whenever you are around him. Always equipped with the perfect one liners. Because of this, it was so moving to see him get softened and emotional during his vows. Even he was surprised by how emotional he felt. And that was okay. Because he had found the one that he could be vulnerable with. And that was a good thing.

Thomas and Kim, you guys are more than just a power couple. You guys are generous. You impact lives with your selfless acts of kindness. You are ridiculously smart and ambitious. But what we love most about you guys is that you guys are all those things on top of being a team. A real team. Both willing and ready to give your all to each other and your families and that is why we love you guys! We are so grateful that you shared this moment with us. We are even more grateful and honored that we are able to call you guys friends!

Here is just a highlight of your fairytale wedding!

Thomas + Kim

Domaine de la Tortiniere | Tours, France

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