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Fairytale Engagement | Tours, France | Thomas + Kim

July 30, 2019

She nursed his ankle back to health and his temporary trip to Florida became his permanent home! Can you blame him? I know we can’t. From the moment that we met Kim we fell in love with her personality and her energy.

With a smile that could light up a room, she won our hearts! When Kim told us she wanted us to meet Thomas we knew he had to be a pretty spectacular guy to snatch up a sweetheart like Kim. A little taco double date and a million tacos in we knew exactly why just the mention of Thomas made Kim light up! He’s funny, hardworking, family oriented and determined to leave a legacy with his queen by his side!

Of course when they asked us if we would come to France and document their vow ceremony we were absolutely taken a back, honored and humbled to be able to be a part of such a special day for them.

We couldn’t wait until the big day so we snuck in some time while in one of the most beautiful places we’ve every seen in the world, to do a little love session with these two beautiful beings!

Thomas and Kim, to say that we value the friendship we’ve built is an understatement. Thank you so much for becoming a part of our family and allowing us to be a part of yours! We love you guys very much and know that there are so many more adventures and milestones that lie ahead of you guys! You two are a power couple. You lift each other, you support each other and most importantly you love each other! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! Here are some highlights of our little mini love session in France and we cannot wait to share our favorite moments from your Fairytale Castle Vow Ceremony tomorrow!

Thomas + Kim

Fairytale Engagement | Tours, France

To be continued…

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