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Brooklyn Bridge Engagement | Patrick + Chelsea

July 19, 2019

Saks Fifth Avenue, one of my favorite places to shop. You can find everything there! Well our sweet bride, Chelsea, sure did! The employee discount, I’d like to assume was a huge plus, but for Chelsea, well finding her future husband there I’m sure tops all the other employee benefits.

Patrick and Chelsea met while working together at Saks Fifth Avenue in NY. He had just came home from a military tour in Afghanistan and Chelsea had just begun a manager in training program with the company. They immediately hit it off as friends and like all good love stories, that friendship evolved into a relationship. Six months later these two had eyes for no-one else but each other.

As soon as Patrick knew that Chelsea was meant to be more than a girlfriend , he got to work on planning to ask her the most important question he’s ever asked anyone.

Will you marry me?

He wanted it to be perfect. He knew it would mean the world to her to have her family there. The Christmas Break! He knew that they would be back home in Erie, PA with all of Chelsea’s family celebrating the holidays. It was PERFECT!

It was a busy day visiting family over the holidays and in between running around Chelsea and her siblings went down to the pier at the Sheraton “for a drink”. Little did she know it was all part of the plan and those rascals were in on it!

Patrick planned to propose with Chelsea’s family near by the water. But of course, as if the ring wasn’t already burning a hole in his pocket and his heart wasn’t beating loud enough, it started to down pour! Rain or shine this needed to happen. He couldn’t go one more minute holding in this question. This excitement. This was the moment. So, as any wise man should do, he went to plan B.

Inside the hotel, there was a bridge with a view of the outside. He managed to pull her away from everyone by saying he didn’t feel well and wanted to go for a quick walk. Then, with no distractions, they were alone! His heart started racing because this was it. He pulls out a little box and FINALLY popped the question! Chelsea was completely surprised, and without any hesitation she said yes!

Patrick and Chelsea, coming up to meet you guys this summer for your engagement pictures was the best trip ever! Getting to watch the sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge with you both was such a treat and having the chance to get to know you better has been such a blessing. We couldn’t be any happier, even if we tried, to be a part of your journey and be privileged with the task of capturing this new chapter in your lives! We cannot wait to see you guys again next summer in Erie, PA and witness one of the sweetest love stories of all time. Your story! Your first day as husband and wife!

Patrick + Chelsea

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement | Dumbo Brooklyn, NY

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