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Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum Engagement : Zac + Allie

November 6, 2018

Boy are we excited to share today’s engagement session at Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum .  Not just because Casa Feliz is absolutely beautiful. Not just because as you can see our couple is drop dead gorgeous but good Lord because we are reliving the beautiful Fall temperature we enjoyed during their session!!! Zac and Allie reached out to us when we were on our way to Canada for  our vow renewal . Of course we could have just said “Hey we are about to say I do again can we get back to you when we return to Florida?” But Allie had already shared a little bit with us in her initial messages and we were smitten!

We just had to talk to them! So we did! In a hotel in DC. With my wedding dress in set behind our computer. We Facetimed with them. We are so happy that we did ! Sometimes in life you meet certain people, have a conversation for the first time ever and its just an immediate connection! The rest was history! We take limited number of weddings a year but we were not going to miss theirs. And just like that we had a date! It felt like we had known them our entire lives. After that chat we stayed in contact the rest of our trip. Sending back and forth selfies of what we were doing during our vacation and just chatting like childhood friends.

When we got back from Canada we just had to finally meet them and hug on them! We couldn’t wait until their engagement session to meet them. When we finally got to meet them in person, OML (aka OH MY LANTA) just as awesome as we had already determined they were! Which brings us to today! When we get to share with you some of our favorite pictures from their engagement session in Winter Park at Casa Feliz.

Zac and Allie, y’all are about some of the funniest people that we’ve met and we cannot wait to share and capture all your love and shenanigans on your big day!!! Thank you for inviting us for the ride! We cannot wait to capture your day at The Orchid Garden


Zac + Allie

Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum Engagement

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