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Fayetteville Georgia Intimate Wedding | Daniel + Deisy

November 19, 2018

Sometimes in life you meet people who make your soul sing. People who make you feel like you’ve known each other your entire lives. People who become family instantly! Daniel and Deisy are those people! Deisy found us through instagram and from our first exchanges we knew that she was going to be in our lives. We originally were due to shoot her wedding in February next year but when she contacted us and told us that she was going to move her wedding up and to Georgia and if we could still be a part of it and our response?

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world”

With the perfect sunset, Daniel waited patiently for his bride to make her way down the aisle. The smiles on their faces once they locked eyes was brighter and warmer than any sunset we’ve ever experienced. The sparkle in their eyes. The happy tears as it got closer and closer to the hand off by the father to the groom. The friends and family all surrounding with so much support and love made for the perfect moment. It was the perfect moment to say I do forever and seal it with a kiss.

Daniel and Deisy, there are no words to express how happy we are for you both. For the expansion of your family as you prepare and wait for the arrival of your daughter. Thank you for welcoming us along for the ride. We feel so blessed to have met you guys. We feel blessed to have share the time we have with you both and your families. But most of all, we feel blessed to have been able to capture your love and first day as husband and wife. Honored! Honored that these will be the images you use to relive the beginning of your legacy with your sweet little girl when she asks about how mommy and daddy fell in love. The images that will show your daughter how daddy looked at you on the happiest day of his life. These will be the images that will set the standard for what she will look for when its her turn to fall in love and find a husband that will love her and honor her the way Daddy did to her mommy! Love you guys so much!

Here are some bits and pieces of our favorite moments from your beautiful day!

Daniel + Deisy

Fayetteville Georgia Intimate Wedding

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