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Kelly Park Engagement Session : Ben + Katrina

November 20, 2018

It was a typical morning, just like every other morning. Had my breakfast and sat down to check our emails. We got an email we would never forget. It wasn’t an email from an excited bride. It wasn’t an email from a mother helping her daughter plan her dream wedding. It was an email from Ben. A groom. A man so in love that even being deployed in Afghanistan wasn’t going to stop him from being part of the planning process for his wedding with the love of his life. Ben had already won our hearts by just sending the email but it was sealed when he took the little bit of free time he had to Facetime us from Afghanistan. The way he talked about Katrina and their story had us totally hanging to every word. As soon as we got off that call, Landon and I both said at the same time

“We want a guy just like him for our girls”

We absolutely had to meet the woman that managed to find her very own Captain America! We had the opportunity to meet Katrina a few weeks later in Savanah Georgia and from just the first five minutes of sitting down with her at the Panera, we understood why Ben was so head over heals! She’s sweet, humble, drop dead gorgeous and just the cutest. Her eyes sparkled when she talked about Ben and how she can’t wait to marry him. We wanted to just put her in our little pocket and keep her forever! When we left that Panera, it was official we were counting down the days along side them.

Even though we have to wait a little bit longer for their wedding, thankfully we did not have to wait to spend more time with them! Of course we brought along our camera to get pictures of these lovebirds. Here are just a few of our favorite captures from their sweet little sunset love session at Kelly Park. Ben and Katrina, we think you guys are just so stinking sweet and we enjoyed every minute we’ve shared with you. We cannot wait to join you next year at Luxmore Estate for your wedding!


Ben + Katrina

Kelly Park Engagement Session

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