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Celebration Florida Engagement : Trevor + Gloria

August 14, 2017

Trevor and Gloria are engaged! We celebrated their engagement this weekend in Celebration Fl. If you’ve never been to Celebration Fl., you must go!!!! It is the most adorable city in Florida, hands down. The community is family friendly with great spots for a romantic date and pictures! It turned out to be an amazing Saturday evening despite mother nature sprinkling us with love drops throughout the session. It was perfect and gave “The Notebook” a run for their money!

Trevor and Gloria met while working on a Disney Cruise ship. I know!!! Talk about the happiest place on earth! While working together, a beautiful friendship developed. Honestly, after spending the day with them, we could clearly see it was inevitable for them to fall in love. WE were smitten. Seeing them together, especially the way that Trevor looked at Gloria, was just so endearing. Like the true gentlemen that he is, once Trevor knew that he was going to pop the question, he had the conversation real men have with the father!

Once Trevor had received Gloria’s father and brother’s blessing it was in the clear to move forward with his romantic proposal! After a fun day at Magic Kingdom and some romantic fireworks Trevor surprised Gloria with some champagne and a blue box. It was obvious that Gloria was not expecting a proposal that evening because the first thing she noticed on the counter was the champagne and she completely missed the sign that read ” For the special woman that holds my heart “. Once she realized what was happening, well you already know that the answer was “yes, yes, yes”!

We loved hearing about their stories of their time on the ship and their travels around the world. Definitely motivated Landon and I to update our passports haha. The evening was too short and we are already anxious for their wedding at the Royal Crest Room next Spring to arrive!


Celebration Florida Engagement

Trevor + Gloria

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