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A Hendrick Christmas 2017

December 25, 2017

Christmas is our favorite time of the year! The lights, the music, the food and all the quality family time. We love it all! As a little girl ,I never believed in Santa! I know crazy right! Well my mother just never went for it. Landon on the other hand did! His parents would go to great lengths to keep the Christmas imagination going.

Landon tells me of stories when he was a little boy. How they would stay up waiting for Santa. He would hear Santa’s footsteps on the room, only to find out years later it was his Dad. Early on in our marriage I told Landon I wanted to do that for our daughters! I wanted them to have that same innocence and imagination as long as we possibly could. Of course we would share with them the real meaning of Christmas but why not through some Santa in there for fun!

Well every year we’ve made Santa cookies. We’ve the tree empty until Christmas morning. Yes our girls don’t open any presents until Christmas morning. Sometimes thats hard for Landon since its hard for him to keep a secret. But we’ve been able to manage keeping presents away from the girls until Christmas morning.

Once the girls are tucked away in bed we start the wrapping madness. We even get a different wrapping paper that the girls have never seen so that we can wrap Santa’s present in that wrapping paper. Every possible questions the could think of, we’ve thought of a way to answer it before they ask. Landon even went as far as his dad and puts on his boots to leave Santa foot prints from the front door to the Christmas Tree.

This year, we had to think outside the box. Kylie wanted a dance party with Santa. We had to explain to her that Santa is too busy delivering presents all over the world. So she settled for the next best thing. Her daddy in a Santa suit and some trap Christmas music. It was so much fun putting this video together. The time that we spent together, the laughs we had and the bloopers that we will save for the day she decides to bring home a boyfriend, are all moments that we will cherish forever.

We are so thankful for the greatest gift, which is God’s mercy and love. For sending his one and only son to die for us. And for blessing us with moments like these that are worth more than any material thing in this world. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A Hendrick Christmas 2017


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