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Jennifer + Joey Engaged! LAKE LOUISA STATE PARK |

May 16, 2017

They first clicked when they realized that they loved being single! Ironic right? Fast forward to this past weekend and their super adorable engagement session at Lake Louisa State Park. They knew that a relationship was something that had the potential to be super special but only if it was with the person! After watching these two interact during their engagement session, it was obvious that they are it for each other! Their session was fun, romantic and well just breathtaking!

Their laughter is contagious and their energy is just unexplainable. They can even make trips to the grocery store into a fun adventure. Their favorite thing to do together is to tell each other cute random funny bedtime stories before they fall asleep together. Joey would ask Jennifer what story she wants to hear, and she would say a random animal with a name, like “Sammy the Stegasaurus” and they would lay there and build their own storybook adventure out of pure imagination. That kind of cuteness you just don’t hear about everyday!

It was so nice to spend the afternoon with Jennifer and Joey and we absolutely cannot wait until their wedding this winter at The Royal Crest Room . We know it is, for sure, going to be a day full of laughs and kisses.

Joey + Jennifer

Lake Louisa State Park


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