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Lets Talk Brides Wedding Details

March 6, 2018

Time and time again you will hear me say oh thats my favorite part of the day. Oh no, that’s my favorite part of a wedding day. But really I think this has to be my favorite part of the day. Right when we arrive! The first thing photographed. The brides wedding details! We love capturing images in a way that tells a story. Capturing the details is such an important part of that! The details help set the tone. The details  will be what hints for the brides style, personality, and the theme and feel  of the wedding day. But most importantly, these details will be the ones that your kiddos will look at 10 years from now and ask

“Mom what the heck were you thinking”

For this very reason, we LOVE to style and really take our time to be creative and photograph these details in a way will remain timeless and elegant for years to come. We always send our brides as we approach their wedding a reminder but thought we should explain in detail WHY?

What are the details you should have ready for your photographer

  • Wedding Dress inside of bag: A lot of times , because the bridal prep room is being used to get ready, we take the dress outside of the room and incorporate the venue when photographing the dress. Keeping the dress inside the bag allows us to safely move the dress from point A to point B. Inside this bag you should already have the original hanger you picked up the dress in and your personalized / nice hanger you want for your photos.
  • Nice Hanger for your wedding dress : You spent a good amount of time and money finding the perfect dress! The last thing you want is to use a distracting  plastic hanger to hang your dress. Not only is it not attractive but it brings down the WOW factor of your dress.
  • Veil: We love to use the veil to soften up pictures and incorporate with other details .
  • FLOWERS : This has to be by far the one detail that many brides forget to have ready . Don’t make that mistake on your wedding day. Flowers pull in all the colors of the wedding! It helps tell a consistent story in your images! We promise to keep your flowers in water every possible second that they are not being photographed. We TOO want your flowers to remain fresh and beautiful your entire wedding day! We handle them and care for them just as much as we do the wedding dress.
    • Ask your florist ahead of time to include any pretty scraps they have when creating your bouquet and arrangements so that we can use them in styling your details such as your wedding invitations etc.
  • All three rings: Give us the time to showcase that bling! Have all three rings ready and gathered with the rest of your details.
  • Perfume: The sense of smell is the most powerful sense in activating memories. A familiar smell can instantly take you back to your wedding day, bring back the emotions you felt, and give you a Deja Vu worth reliving over and over. We believe this should be photographed , and plus they are just so darn pretty!
  • Heirlooms : This may be something you pass on to your child when they get married. Don’t you want to have that piece of history photographed to show your child in the future as you tell them the history behind it? We think so 🙂
  • Jewelry:  Sometimes brides are debating between two earrings or necklaces. Have those decisions made prior to handing them off  for pictures.  Have set with your details only the items that you will be wearing with all the tags removed. Seems minor, but its very helpful when the tags are removed for us to photograph them.
  • Shoes:  Have your shoes ready in the box. If you are applying any stickers to the bottom of the shoes, ex:  “I Do”  stickers, please have those applied before we arrive.
  • Garter: 
  • Vows : I’ve made it my mission to encourage all of you to have your vows written somewhere nice and have them photographed. ESPECIALLY if you aren’t doing video. I’m a big believer in vow books. These are the most important words you will ever utter. They should be remembered forever. Having somewhere nice and safe to write them is a great idea. Just think, you can pull out your vow books and read them to each other anytime you want, to your children, or even for your vow renewal.
  • Invitation Suite: Have an complete invitation suite exactly how it was mailed out ready with the rest of your details . This is such a sweet detail to have photograph and just helps tell a overall complete story.


When should these be ready

When you arrive to your getting ready space the morning of your wedding, before you even sit for hair and makeup, make sure these details are gathered and ready for your photographer. They should be placed in a visible area so when we arrive your maid of honor or you can just point in their direction. This is very important because something as simple as not having this ready can set your team behind schedule. Some possible side affects of not having these ready are;

  • Some items may get forgotten by you as you scramble to gather them
  • The amount of time to photograph these items has now been shortened. Less pictures of all these special details for you 🙁 .
  • Your hair and makeup team is now behind schedule because they had to stop working on you so that you could gather these details for your photographer. Setting them behind, hence now you are stepping into your dress later and it continues to trickle down to worst case scenario , now your ceremony is starting late, meaning it ends later , so pictures start later but guess what? The sun still sets at the same time. So now you’ve cut your portrait time.

Having these items ready is just a way of controlling the things that can be controlled helping your day go smoother! We hope this give you an insight to the why behind the list! We cannot wait to shoot your details on your wedding day!!!!

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