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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

August 23, 2017

Okay so I have a little secret… Well its not a secret for those of you who know me. I am a bit of a Type A personality. With that said, I am not by any means crazy. I just like things organized. Landon will tell you, I’m the planner. Well, when I was planning my wedding, I really for the most part couldn’t deal with the stress and just told my mom, “You plan it, I’ll show up”. And that is exactly how it went down. I obviously did not have the Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist. It’s not that I didn’t care about our wedding, I was in my senior year of college and taking 6 classes a semester. YES, 6! Trust me I did not know at the time that Landon and I would end up being wedding photographers.

This morning as I was laying in bed I thought, hmmm I wonder if my #hendrickbrides are flipping out. Rhetorical question, I know some of them are flipping out with all that there is to do. So I made the Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist for y’all! Where I find the time to do this, beats me, but if it can help you ladies stay on top of your wedding and keep your skin clear, then I am all about that life! So here you go. Think of it as a wedding gift ;-).

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

12 months or more ahead

  1. Decide if you want a formal or informal, big or small wedding. Think about the type of wedding you  want and when  you want it to take  place
  2. Set a budget
  3. Set the wedding date
  4. Select ceremony site and reserve
  5. Select reception site and reserve
  6. Buy wedding rings, order engravings
  7. Hire wedding coordinator, if desired . If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, you already know we highly recommend that you consider hiring a coordinator especially if you’re overwhelmed by this checklist.
  8. Book your Photographer!!! Our brides typically book us a year to a year and a half from their wedding date and if you have your heart set on a photographer, its best to book them as soon as you’ve locked down a date with a venue!

6 months or more ahead

This is a huge chuck of the wedding planning process so we recommend that you just focus on checking 1 thing off of the list at a time so that you don’t become overwhelmed. I love check lists.

  1. Order dress and accessories. Don’t forget to include your veil, shoes, stockings, lingerie, etc.
  2. Compile guest list and organize  addresses
  3. Choose bridesmaids
  4. Book officiant
  5. Book caterer
  6. Book florist
  7. Order wedding cake
  8. Book music for reception and  ceremony
  9. Plan and book honeymoon
  10. Send save-the-date cards. You want to send these as soon as you can to give your loved ones that are traveling,  a good amount of time to save and make arrangements.
  11. Choose favors and plan any details of reception, decorations, balloons, etc.
  12. Select bridal registry
  13. Purchase or reserve groom’s attire
  14. Select bridesmaids gowns
  15. Select men’s formalwear
  16. Arrange transportation and limo for  the wedding day
  17. Reserve rental equiptment, such as tables, chairs, tents, etc.
  18. Order stationary, including invitations and thank-you notes
  19. Book a room for the wedding night and reserve accommodations for out- of-town guests.

Four months ahead

  1.  Make reservations for rehearsal dinner
  2. Choose gifts for wedding party
  3. Write thank-you notes as gifts arrive
  4. Shop for trousseau
  5. Set appointment for complete physical exam
  6. Update you immunizations
  7. Finalize honeymoon plans

Two months ahead

  1. Discuss details of menu with caterer
  2. Discuss service with offciant
  3. Choose readings for ceremony
  4. Write your wedding vows, if you choose
  5. Try out makeup and hairstyle
  6. Buy guest book
  7. Have programs printed, if using
  8. Schedule rehearsal time and rehearsal  dinner
  9. Address and mail invitations
  10. Check local newspaper for wedding  announcement deadline
  11. Obtain marriage license and request certificate copies
  12. If you intend to change your last name prepare the necessary documents
  13. Send change-of-address to post office
  14. Begin seating plan
  15. Begin Wedding day Timeline

Two weeks ahead

  1. Have final dress fitting with shoes, jewlry and lingerie
  2. Notify caterer of guest count after RSVP Deadline
  3. Write toasts for rehearsal dinner and  wedding reception
  4. Address announcements
  5. Break in wedding shoes at home
  6. Finalize Wedding Day Timeline
  7. Designate someone to look after your home while you are on your  honeymoon
  8. Finalize seating plan
  9. Assign specific responsibilities to  members of the wedding party
  10. Pick up dress or have it delivered
  11. Confirm honeymoon arrangements,  and give your itinerary to a friend or family member in case of emergency
  12. Pack for honeymoon
  13. Prepare your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

One day ahead

  1.  Confirm transportation arrangements for ceremony and reception
  2. Have manicure and pedicure
  3. Rehearse ceremony
  4. Hold rehearsal dinner, distribute gifts  to parents and wedding party
  5. Prepare envelopes with tips for vendors
  6. SLEEP!!!!!! The happiest day of your life is only a matter of hours away!!!!

wedding planning checklist

At the end of the day we want you to be this excited about your wedding day!


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